Accueil Non classé The technical advantages and characteristics of the hydraulic block forming machine make it more.

The technical advantages and characteristics of the hydraulic block forming machine make it more.


The existence of each product has its own value and people’s demand for it, however, in today’s society, people will continue to work hard, coupled with the development of High-tech, gradually improve the level of each product, hydraulic block molding machine is so, next we will mainly understand its technical advantages and characteristics.
Characteristics of hydraulic block forming machine:
First of all, color large screen touch screen and the realization of Man-machine Interface Intelligent control system, with a variety of operating modes, easy to operate, control of electrical appliances are also used by well-known big brands.
Second, the hydraulic motor transmission vibration, a good solution to the problem of motor fever, remote communication control system, can achieve off-site monitoring, system upgrades, fault query, such as a series of operations.
Finally, the flat delivery device to make the fabric more accurate and even, if the replacement of the mold can also produce different specifications of the color road tiles, hollow blocks, insulation bricks, etc., it is the investment scale of cement products enterprise’s main production equipment.
Technical advantages of hydraulic block forming machine:
1, more environmental protection, energy-saving, can realize waste recycling and reuse.
Because its raw materials can choose industrial waste, such as:
Slag, all kinds of tailings slag, gangue, coal dust and so on.
2, do not need to support brick board, after forming can immediately heap code, very advanced, can improve production efficiency.
3, this machine production of the standard brick cost is very low, can have a huge profit.
4, the production of materials and welding technology with high precision and high strength characteristics, so it is particularly good rigidity, and vibration resistance, long service life.
5, the hydraulic block forming machine’s forming cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the block quality is dense, the strength is very high, moreover the size is also very accurate.
6, its output stability is very high, the scrap rate is low.
7, can be a machine for more than 8, it can achieve manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation, so that the production mode becomes more flexible, for the factory was born more profits.brick making machine
The above is the hydraulic block making machine forming machine technical advantages and characteristics of the introduction, hope to be for everyone’s reference, if you have other questions, you can login Lontto Machine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ‘s official website and professional online communication, professionals will be based on your questions to make the most detailed answer, will also be based on the relevant content to give the most professional recommendations.

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